Last week, I was asked to join Gregory Salvatore to travel to Long Island for a car meetup called Smoke Signals for Miles. We had heard of a new car club that was getting together and went out to check it out along with a bunch of Youtubers. Gregory Salvatore and I planned and created this awesome photo that is available for sale to hang in your garage, man cave or office. The poster is available here and titled Burnout! Creating this poster was a lot of fun and having almost 500 horsepower screaming behind me was absolutely exhilarating!

Felicia Ann Burnout Poster

R/T Life and FP2000 are starting a new car club, the Alpha Pack. The Alpha Pack is an organization putting together a car club without all the rules and drama of a traditional car club. The requirements for membership is buy a Alpha Pack sticker and put it on your car. That’s it. no dues, no meet or show requirements and when you want to leave… all you have to do is remove the sticker from your car. I have joined the Alpha Pack as their Top Model and happy to be apart of the organization.

I am also working with Gregory Salvatore and AKCAMARO2017 to organize local members in the Eastern PA  and surrounding area to get together at events and create meets locally to bring up membership in this area. If you would like to become a member of the Alpha Pack simply follow this link to buy a sticker and become a member.

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